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About From Evie the Staffy, to Evie the Staffy and Georgia the Bulldog to Two Staffies and a Bulldog. ENJOY!!
Description For those who are curious, mum and dad do not help us type. Auto-correct does.
Hello, I am Evie. I am a 2 year old white female English Staffy originally from Qld. I am the main admin here because Georgia doesn't know how to type. Georgia is my little sister, she is an American Bulldog. She isn't even 1 yet, but she is bigger than me. Georgia likes to sit on my head, but I don't mind.
My favourite food is everything and Georgia's favourite food is everything too. I will admit sometimes we even like to eat poo. But don't you worry, we earn our way by modelling for mummy's pet clothes business - Pompous Paws. Well I do anyways, Georgia hasn't made her big break yet. We also like going to the park and playing with some random kids. But I never go home without a turn on the slide.... I LOVE THE SLIDE!

We hope that through this page we will convince all the dangerous breed of humans that us, Bullys, are one of the most loyal breeds amongst all our cousins.

Biggest licks, right on your mouth, after we have eaten the poo,

Evie & Georgia.

Web site http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pompous-Paws/173405896041708

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