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About Turfway Entertainment Multi-Venue Entertainment Complex design, build, manage contracts in addition to restaurant, bar, multi-venue entertainment and FEC management consulting.
Description Name:Turfway Entertainment
Developed: 6/5/2009

website: www.turfwayentertainment.com

Principal: Dave Wallace

Turfway Entertainment Management Group offers a variety of business options for the bar, restaurant, family entertainment and multi-venue entertainment industries. Our platform includes: market and feasibility studies, business plans, operational consulting, new development in design, build and operations as well as management contracts. We also developed a concept to be sold as a franchise called Turfway Entertainment. In 2011, the Card-Miles group has entered into contracts on the first 3 to be developed in Texas. Ground breaking begins in August 2012. Since this is a new product, these three properties were sold as "management contracts" whereas we have complete control of the design, build and management operations for the first 10 years with two 5 year options. For the first 10 properties, I will engage into these types of agreements to ensure the integrity of the business. After the first 10, we will begin the franchise process. Our partnerships in developing these entertainment centers include:

Brunswick Bowling - Bowling and billiards
Creative Works - Indianapolis - laser tag and facility design
Brady Distributing - Charlotte - Video Gaming
Paradigm design - Grand Rapids - Architect firm
National Commercial Builders - Kansas City - General Contractors

Business Model:

Turfway Entertainment is a multitude of entertainment options to be conformed to each market based on a feasibility study.

Entertainment options include:

Tufway Tavern - Anchor sports bar - Hi energy sports bar featuring horse racing, golf and all sports in between to include a minimum of 35 50+inch hi def televisions and projectors - Sports bar to include a minimum of 32 beers on tap, mini pitchers of 25 long island iced tea flavors, a full bar and incredible sports viewing including all ppv events (UFC, boxing, ect..)

Hi-NRGY Gaming - Full service video game room with dining component and bar. The game room will include a minimum of 100 seats for dining, sports viewing for adults and kids alike, a minimum of 65 video games, redemption with prizing, 2 story laser tag, a minimum of 12 bowling lanes (enclosed for potential corporate party sell outs).

Turfway Pavilion - Outdoor pavilion area to include outdoor seating for 200.
Outdoor gaming - 18 hole putt putt course, bocci ball courts, human hamster ball, outdoor ballistics area

As noted previously, these items above will be customized to each market. The overall goal is to offer options and maximize revenues in all 3 segments of business...Lunch sales, dinner sales and late night operations. Our business model will offer close to equal sales in food revenue, beverage revenue and gaming revenue. 25% of our sales will come from private events including corporate, social and birthday parties. We turn 21+ at 9pm nightly.

The overall business will have a dress code after 9pm to ensure maximization of revenues and to minimize loitering. Our business will be in line with Dave and Buster's concept in look and feel. We bring Vegas to you.

Potential new jobs in market: 250

I have been involved in the entertainment/bar/restaurant industry for 28 years. I operated 22 Jillian's Entertainment concepts (founder Stephen Foster - now cofounder of Lucky Strike Bowling) as well as 64 Chuck E Cheese facilities. I have been consulting several companies across the US including numerous Brunswick operations, Tilted Kilt and others...

We are looking for outright market ownership, or funding partnerships for our management contracts. As we find potential clients, we would like to offer a source for immediate capital whereas they will have to provide collateral and options to ensure the loan. As you know, SBAs are tough due to the economy.

My business will have complete control of the design, build and management of the facility. If the right option came available, I would possibly open a few under my business but I would rather, due to risk and reward, maintain the concept's name and management contract. My management contract charges an initial fee for engagement and operational front end involvement then a percentage of sales for the next 10 years for managing the facility under my direction.

Each build will cost around $150/sqft for a conversion of an existing building to $220 for a ground up.

We are excited about the opportunities that are coming our way and we are confident our model will work. If you would like any additional information, don't hesitate to send me an email at dwallace@turfwayentertainment.com or call at 859-285-7111.
Mission Understanding Needs....Delivering Results!
Phone 859-285-7111
Web site http://www.turfwayentertainment.com

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