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About Initiatives of Change is a diverse network committed to building relationships of trust across the world's divides.
Description Initiatives of Change (IofC) is focused around the interaction of people, whether few or many, in homes, small or large groups, personal encounters, training courses, and local or international conferences. For over 70 years IofC has brought people of diverse backgrounds and faiths together. It has provided a rallying point for individuals and teams to work for justice, healing and human development, based on personal change starting in their own lives.

Current initiatives in the UK are aimed at:

Healing the wounds of history that sustain cycles of revenge, especially where cultures and civilizations meet.
Strengthening the moral and spiritual dimensions of democracy, so challenging selfish interests and corruption.
Helping individuals and families to counter the climate of blame and selfishness with a culture of care and personal responsibility.
Strengthening the motivation of care and moral commitment in economic life and thinking, in order to create jobs, correct economic and environmental imbalance, and tackle the root causes of poverty.
Rebuilding a sense of community and hope in cities and tackling the causes of racial and communal discrimination.
Forging networks among people from different cultures and faiths based on a shared commitment to work for reconciliation, justice, and peace.

These aims are taken forward through IofC's range of programmes and by committed individuals and teams around the country.
Mission Our mission is:
- to live by our values and inspire others to do the same
- to equip people to play their part in building a better society
- to take focused action alongside others who share our vision - locally, nationally and around the world
Overview Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a diverse fellowship of people from across the UK who aim to live out the ideas and core values of IofC, with the aim of building a better society.

Our vision is of a transofrmed society that has:
- the courage to do what is right and face what is wrong
- the will to establish moral and spiritual values
- care for individuals and the environment
- trustworthy leadership that brings purpose, unity and hope
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