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About Dotzero - a "curated" co-working space with a vibrant environment that encourages and promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and growth through great ideas
Description DotZero is a not-for-profit project operated by FIT committed to creating a community space for Pakistan’s enterprising youth that:

a. Provides a vibrant environment for entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts to gather and exchange ideas;
b. Is a hot bed for technology innovation; and
c. Offers a platform (forum) that encourages collaboration, enables networking and creates employment opportunities;

DotZero seeks to create an innovative and collaborative open workspace, a project zone, recreation and seating capacity, and events space for an innovation eco-system in Karachi. It seeks to connect experts, visitors, speakers, and trainers with young professionals and start-up companies for a robust and continuous exchange of ideas. It also seeks to establish a set of targeted themed ‘Incubation’ programs in areas such as mobile gaming and development, ICT for Development, and women entrepreneurship to help, create and influence new start-ups in these areas.
Mission - Creating an ecosystem that fosters inspiration
- Providing proximity to smart and intellectually curious people
- Enabling networking, collaboration, leads and employment opportunities
- Providing a hotbed for innovative ideas
Phone +92 213 455 6352
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