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About ‘’Cambridge Corporate University, the Swiss Cambridge, Persistence, Quality & Innovation’’.
Description Cambridge Corporate University is an international, Swiss, scholarly, professional organization. The University and Its Institute are dedicated to promoting high standards and excellence in the dissemination of a new and innovative model of corporate education. CCU is the first Swiss Corporate University narrows the gap between theory and practice and offers the kind of education makes a difference in this 21st century of innovation.
Mission The type of education offered at Cambridge Corporate University is a transforming, developmental experience that stimulates intellectual and personal growth by building deep, practical knowledge and fostering sound judgment. The word 'transforming' used here deliberately, as transformation is indeed what happens to our students. When talk with our alumni, you hear over and over again how deeply they were changed by the environment they found at CCU.

Everything about the University – its unique Swiss educational culture, its remarkable faculty who teach with skill and passion, its extraordinary students – works to create an unparalleled environment for learning and growth, the unique model of online lecturing that brings the experience of world though leaders from every spot in the world to students in their international campus . So much of what our alumni remember about their years here is the process of learning and teaching they shared with their classmates – enhancing their ability to listen and think, and developing a deeper understanding of themselves and the distinctive and important task of leadership. All this comes together in the classroom.
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