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About This is the Official Page for the Makeup Artist Farzeen Shahzad
Description I have been working with makeup for as far back as I can remember. I started off with a personal passion for it, eventually leading into getting professionally trained by some of the best professionals in the trade like Ather Shahzad. I have been practising the art of makeup since ten years now.

For years, I worked with makeup on my family and friends and slowly grew into conducting makeup workshops as my love and skill for this art grew. Nothing makes me happier than taking women who know nothing about makeup and teaching them how to work as makeup pros within a matter of days through my workshops. Makeup is the easiest trick in the book if you know what to do with the right things. and this is what I aim to teach. I share the best makeup tricks and tips, the best and yet most affordable products, how to master various looks, makeup aids and tools - all wrapped up in the best makeup workshop that you will find around! You walk out of my workshops with an understanding and love for looks that seem tough but are a piece of cake. I also make sure my students get a makeup goodie bag to get started on their makeup journey that lasts them even after they are through with the classes.

I work by appointment only.

For appointments please post on my Facebook wall or call/sms me at 0300-4007040
Phone 03222288321

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