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About To help and serve people with compassion and understanding. To bring balance,wellness and less pain through massage therapy.
Description Hi everyone! I'm Chiah Chadwick. First i would like to thank and commend all of you that are already coming in and receiving massage! Anyone that has gotten a massage knows how important it is for your body and health. But for those of you who have never had a massage you are really missing out. Massage benefits everyone.You cant afford to get sick and you cant afford to let stress wear your body down. To think clearly and stay healthy you have to take care of yourself.
One of the very best ways to take care of your health is to get a massage. Massage is no longer a luxury item. Bodywork can improve your immunity,increase blood flow,reduce your stress and help keep your muscles and tissues healthy.Getting a massage can help clear your mind,improve your spirit and help you deal with the events of the day. There are many forms of massage therapy and bodywork with a range of therapeutic needs for common muscle tensions and stress related injuries created through sports,play and accidents. The human body carries with it past traumas,stresses and physical pain. That's why its essential to promote routine healing through natural,effective methods such as massage.

I genuinely care about my clients well being and I try to create a client and therapist relationship.I love working with people on this level and my goal is to be able to help my clients progress mentally and physically through massage therapy. One of the ways I've found to do this is by educating my clients and the public on how beneficial massage can be. Many of the clients that I have worked with have come to realize that massage can be used as a form of healthcare. Through my education and my experience in the field I have come to realize that massage is a healing art and a science. It requires balance of academic and technical knowledge,clinical skills,sensitivity and awareness.

I believe in a client centered experience that focuses on the clients unique tensions,pains, and "trouble spots". Whether you want to reduce stress or relieve pain from an injury, I make sure your massage is a positive and relaxing experience. We will discuss your health concerns and personal goals and together we will design a session to fit your needs. This will maximize every session.
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