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About Awareness in Motion Peace Project of Wooster, OH, promotes positive social change through interactive community projects based on happiness studies and research.
Description Awareness in Motion Peace Project strives to provide community members, including survivors of abuse, discrimination, and bullying, with active opportunities for increasing happiness, hope, self esteem, and purpose. We are registered with Action for Happiness of the United Kingdom. The idea was originally conceived as an interactive and unique Sexual Assault Awareness Project which would support the mission to be the change. A '94 Chevy Astro van , previously nicknamed, "THE BEAST," was selected and was transformed into "THE VANANA" when Dan Sigler donated his time to spray the vehicle with "school bus yellow" paint. Amazingly, many local businesses, organizations, and community members supported this initial "Awareness in Motion" project by offering guidance, materials, discounts, donated services, resources, and encouragement. The van was granted entry into Wooster Jam 2012 by James Levin as an interactive art display. While attendees of the art and music festival walked past, the van was painted with messages and art work addressing issues such as abuse, bullying, and discrimination. All of the motivational messages and images were created by survivors of abuse, local artist Julian Draper, College of Wooster students, members of the NAACP youth council, and many other impassioned volunteers in a conscientiousness effort to be as inclusive as possible. Currently the decoration of the van is only party completed. The remaining words and art work will be added during the next few weeks, followed by a clear coat to protect the finish. This project has become a moving (literally) example of community members working together to make a difference! Our hope is that the van will inspire others to “Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi. We are offering the Vanana to be present at local businesses for events or awareness. We are hoping that the positive energy of this first of many Awareness in Motion projects will spread into the hearts of our community and motivate our youth to imagine their own innovative "awareness in motion" project and join our movement!!
Mission Promoting positive social change and dedicated to inspire and empower people through interactive community projects.
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