St Lucia Hospice and Orphanage

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Description St. Lucia Trust Fund began in 2002 when Winfrida Mwashala, a registered nurse and expert in palliative care, became aware of an acute shortage of help for terminally ill people. St. Lucia Nursing Home and Orphanage was thus established, with the aim of extending intensive nursing and palliative care services to patients, as well as health education and training to patients’ family members. Furthermore, St. Lucia provides shelter, palliative health care, and education to HIV positive children whose parents have died of AIDS and whose extended families will not support them.
Mission St. Lucia is a registered Non Government Organization with a mission to provide care and support for physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and social well being through culturally appropriate services to individuals and families affected by life threatening diseases. St.Lucia Nursing Home strives to attain this mission by providing competent and compassionate nursing and medical care, promoting public health, and leading human rights community development projects.
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