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Description The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy was created over 30 years ago by Zdenko Domancic, the pre-eminent bioenergy healer in Europe.
Hidden from the attention of the western media for decades, his method, being practiced at the impressive Domancic Bioenergy clinic in Slovenia, (the largest clinic of its kind in the world) is a phenomenon of documented and indisputable healing successes that has helped over a million people
It is a serious but non-invasive treatment that can be used by a professional therapist or a devoted family member and is the greenest and safest way of healing - using LIFE itself.
The Method is precise, structured and highly effective and can also be practiced at a distance.
It combines simple techniques in specific proven protocols to help all health conditions from Asthma to Parkinson’s to a simple headache.
The therapy is also very effective on animals - large and small.
In 2007, the Domancic method was introduced to the US and now therapists are helping people throughout the US and Canada.
Seminars are taught by Zoran Hochstatter, who under the guidance of Zdenko Domancic, has been entrusted to officially represent and teach the Domancic Method in the USA, Canada and the UK.
Zoran is committed to teaching and practicing the Domancic Method in its purest and most powerful form.
In 2005, Zoran and Stephanie Cote directed and produced the film THINK ABOUT IT –a healing documentary. Making the film changed their lives and after they shared the film on the web, THINK ABOUT IT, also changed and is still changing the lives of many others around the world.
In 2009, the Bioenergy Life Project held it’s first group event in Los Angeles at which Domancic therapists coming from Slovenia, London, Canada and the US helped people with Parkinson’s/MS and other serious conditions. Please visit www.bioenergylifeproject.com for more info and to watch the movie that documented the event.
To learn more about the Domancic Method and to watch videos and read about results please visit
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