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About Neyphug (Heyphug)Monastery & School is a charitable organisation that supports a monk community with a 450-year Buddhist history in the Kingdom of Bhutan.
Description Neyphug (Heyphug) monastery is the centre-piece of a collection of nine temples and monasteries belonging to the Neyphug lineage, one of the few Nyingma (or ancient) tradition monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism in Bhutan. Neyphug monastery is highly significant due to the many renowned artisans who lived and worked there since the Neyphug temple was first built in 1550 when it was the principle seat of the First Neyphug Trulku, Terton (Treasure Revealer) Ngawang Dragpa (1525-1599). The Neyphug artisans are still to this date known for their magnificent clay sculptures.

The current 9th Reincarnation, Neyphug Trulku Nawang Shetdrup (Neytrul), graduated as Professor of Buddhism in Mysore, India and returned to Bhutan in 2005 where he saw much suffering among the poor. He saw that daily life is rugged and those living in remote areas have little means of support, surviving under extreme poverty and threats of chronic illness. The children of these regions often live without basic health care and education. Thus living in poverty almost always means that the harsh reality of Today will repeat itself Tomorrow. Neyphug Trulku came across orphans and children whose parents could not afford to take care of them. Their desolate conditions, helplessness and hopelessness touched him deeply and inspired him to provide opportunities for young Bhutanese who want to live a monk's life and education. He therefore established the Neyphug School at Neyphug monastery in 2005.

The monastery is perched at 3,000 meters altitude (9,800 feet) in a side-valley off the greater Paro Valley and is home to a community of 55 young monks at the Neyphug School. They range from ages 11 to 21 years from all walks of life and regions of Bhutan . The monks are provided with shelter, food and clothing and a monastic education as well as English classes and other essential life-skills. This is a living heritage site with important history, treasures and stories that date back 450 years. The uninterrupted lineage of Neyphug reincarnate Trulkus since the 16th century have ensured that the monastery activities and traditions of the Neyphug lineage have continued until today.
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