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About Ingrope Based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and candidates’ backgrounds, our experienced recruiters work to match the right professional with the right job. We focus on placing professionals.
Description Ingrope, believes in Capacity Building & Knowledge Sharing. In last 20 Months, we have conducted 52 Trainings, involving 60+ Organizations & 8-Institutes. We are the only company, interacting academia & industry on regular basis, keeping track on all emerging leaders. This has given us strength to go further in having strong bonds with existing & future industry leaders to capitalize full potential in our individuals & organizations.

Based on these strengths, we are launching “Human Resource Placement – Recruitment” service to selective organizations. We are offering following services;
- Executive Search for Leadership Challenges (Senior Level Positions)
- Organizational Development (Middle management positions)
- Talent Hunt for Future Growth & Expansion (Startups & Junior Level Positions)

Karim Shirazi
Business Unit Head (HRM)
Ingrope Recruitment
Mission In pursuit of excellence, we are committed to strategic recruiting and optimizing talent to fulfill the County's human resources needs today and into the future.

Core Values:

• Confidentiality
• Professionalism
• Honesty
• Quality Results

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