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About Dental Clinic in Dubai - "Standard Medical Clinic".
Description Dental clinic – the “Standard Medical Clinic” has been based in Dubai since 2002. We grew from a small dental office to a fully- staffed dental clinic which provides comprehensive dental care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Today we are a highly professional team, the “Standard Medical Clinic”, and we are proud to offer our patients the best dental care possible.
Dental clinic consists of four fully-certified doctors, several well-experienced dental assistants and a large group of responsible support staff. Our team is committed to the highest levels of industry standards and every member constantly upgrades his or her qualification through various certified courses.
The “Standard Medical Clinic” is a facility equipped with the latest medical technology. Our medical equipment represents the best brand names, implementing the very edge of research in dental care industry. Our specialized equipment includes but is not limited to the dental units, lasers, ozone machines, ultrasound scales and surgical ultrasounds, airflows, Vector for periodontal treatment, panoramic/ cephalometric / tomography and intra-oral digital x-rays. We also have special equipment to support Lumineers and surgical motors.
Our dental practice is very meticulous when it comes to ensuring the bacteria-free environment. We are utilizing the latest anti-microbial materials and the most advanced methods of instruments sterilization.
The “Standard Medical Clinic” is a practice where the patients are our friends. We are proud to report that most of our clients are personally referred to us by their friends, who are already our patients. We work hard to earn and to maintain our good reputation and the trust of our patients.
We don’t just treat diseases, we treat patients.
We practice a systematic approach to the treatment of our patients. A new patient visit starts with a friendly conversation with a doctor in a relaxed, stress-free environment. During this conversation the doctor listens to complains, needs, and concerns of the new patient. Then the doctor starts a clinical checkup of the patient. This checkup usually includes the use of high-magnification, panoramic and intra-oral radiographs, series of extra-oral and intra-oral photos, 3D x-rays, and some clinical tests. After the assessment of the results, the doctor makes a diagnosis, offers treatment plans, and discusses all individual recommendations and concerns.
If there is no need for an emergency treatment, the regular dental care starts with teeth cleaning and the teaching of good oral hygiene with the use of electric brush, water jets, flosses, and interdentally brushes.
During the next visit the doctor observes patient’s oral hygiene and gives reinforcing advices. Follow-up visits are scheduled for the aesthetic white fillings, root canal treatments and re-treatments. We also provide a wide range of services in inlays, on lays, veneers, implants, metal-free crowns and bridges, as well as Zircon crowns.
Our dental clinic also offers care of the TMJ condition. Our doctors are trained to find underlying problems with a bite, midline deviation, excessive wear of teeth, and other alarming signs.
Some of the other services provided by our team:
• Implants and Augmentation procedures. Expertise in anatomy of jaws, position of nerves, blood vessels and sinuses allows us to achieve excellent results in these treatments.
• Findings, treatment and prevention of the impaction of canines and wisdom teeth.
• Certified Lumineers providers.
• Early (from the time of birth) diagnostics of malfunctions such as mouth-breathers, finger-sucking, tongue-sucking in order to prevent and correct malocclusions in children.
• Correction and direction of the growth of the jaws, starting from the age of 3-4 years.
• Counseling of young mothers on the importance of nose breathing, drinking of water, brushing of teeth, starting from the first baby’s tooth, and on the importance of vitamins, particularly calcium, for teeth development.
• Checking for oral cancer.
Upon the completion of treatment, according to the treatment plan and makeover of the teeth, we put patient on recall program to provide regular teeth cleaning and early diagnostic of any developing problems.
Welcome to our world of dedicated, highly professional, comprehensive dental care in the “Standard Medical Clinic”.
We look forward to the honor of treating you and the pleasure of giving you a new, healthy, beautiful smile!

Dr. Khadishat Sadulaeva
General Manager of Dental Clinic in Dubai - "Standard Medical clinic".
Phone 04 3281112
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