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Description 1. Technology Tower and Periyar EVR Central Library are the two most important things you are proud of.

2. You've never had breakfast at the mess.

3. You have become immune to diseases like Salmonella, Jaundice and Cholera owing to the small dosage vaccination treatment that might have been included in your mess food.

4. You think they named it mess appropriately.

5. Everyone knows where Punjabi Dhaba is , not half of them have any clue where CDMM building is.

6. The constructions never stop .

7. 'Suppli' and 'Debar' are the two most dreaded ,feared and heard word around.

8. A crow has crapped on you on the way to the All Mart , Library or near Enzo at some point of time.

10. You're addicted to more then one outta How I met your mother , Friends ,24, Prison Break , Lost and Heroes.

11. You've never attended Snacks in the mess.

12. You think you wouldn't be alive if Roll Shop wasn't there.

13. You sit in the class just for the sake of attendance.

14. Good looking girls are a rare specie.

15. You think that there will be many hot girls in the Junior batch who you'll try and hook up with. And this happens every year.

16. Before getting the notes for CAM's or Term End , you make sure that your name does'nt figure in the Short Attendance List .

17. When preparing for CAM's or Term End , you consider 2 am early. And think you have enough time to prepare. And then go play a game of Counter Strike/ DOTA before getting back to studies.

18. Doing assignments means copying assignments to you. And half your assignments are completed only the class before the class you've to submit the assignments in.

19. Turning up at 8.15 for your 8 o clock lecture is considered by you to be on time.

20.You sleep through most of your lectures. And your friends take your picture and put it on Facebook.

21.You confuse sunrise with sunset.

22.You finished two seasons of Friends/Prison Break a days before the exams. And finished two more seasons during the exams.

23.You try your best to ensure the complete secrecy of your Birthday, or bluff that you were born in December/May/June/July... only to find your ass taken completely by surprise an unsuspecting midnight !!

24. You have worn 3 or more underwears on your birthday and have stuffed newspaper or towel in your trousers on your birthday, to try lessen the pain. Only to be beaten up twice, and know the difference.

25. There are chances that you might forget your Dean's name but ' Bosco Anna ' ... C'mon you must be kidding . He is like a local celebrity.

26. You have got a " English Language Lab " .

27. VOLSBB is the name of your Internet service provider , claiming to have speed comparable to BSNL dial-up connection

28. As soon as you open your laptop, you ask another person who was working on one ’ Oye ! net aaraha hai?’, before breaking into a spree of curses, whose brutality depends upon the answer that you received.

29. Every 1 outta 3 student is a nine pointer and if you have got a CGPA of less then 8 , dare not to mention it in public places or else they will stare at you as if you are a retard .

30. Your only annual fest RIVIERA has a unsurpassable 10 meter barrier between boys and girls , which dampens all your zeal and enthusiasm . As a result people indulge in their own means of amusement : running like trains , throwing people in air or clicking pictures are few of those .

31. You know very well what BPL and DML stands for.

32. You think Boylestad is for the book worms, you wished you had books by ' Anuradha Publication ' each and every semester.

33. When you have made friends for life! But unfortunately all of them are male.

34. You must have flunked in atleast one of the CAT's ( If not more ).

35. At some of point of time you must have wished you had taken Mechanical as your branch.

36. You crib about missing City life in campus.

37. You crib about missing campus life in Vellore.

38. You are quite familiar with the epic word ' Yent Ra ' .

39. TCS/CTS was your dream company from the very moment you enter the College. In all probability , for 90% people their dreams will be fulfilled , God has better plans for the remaining 10% .

40. You wake up one fine morning only to notice that there is a fully grown tree in a spot which was all barren till last night.

41. The grass is always green.

42. You find nothing wrong with the fact that Darling Residency and Baby Residency are perfectly acceptable names for a high end restaurant.
/ *Thanks Ahalya* /

43. There is a dilapidated battle tank in middle of the campus for reasons only best known to God. / *Thanks Cherian* /

44. You admire the importance of a geometrical figure HEXAGON so much .
/*Thanks Mayank* /

45. You ignore every phrase that sounds like "bhaiya ID pehno!"
/*Thanks Dev Thacker*/

46. You enter the mess at dinner time, read the menu, say "arrey yaar..." and go right back out. / Courtesy: Dev Thacker*/

47. You are casually roaming in the campus and hear a watchman whistle out of nowhere and think, " WTF did I do now?!" / Courtesy: Dev Thacker*/

48. Chicken 65 and Gobi 65 is your favorite dish but the mystery of no. 65 still eludes you.

49. Maggi becomes your staple diet, and a boiler becomes your most treasured item.

50. You have eaten maggi out of some thing other than.....a bowl...using something other than a spoon.

51. A 5 km auto ride is costlier than a 15 min call to United States.

52. Despite all the rift in Sino-India relationship , you find Chinese guys roaming more freely than they would have been in Beijing.

53. There are several incidents like the following.
Manufacturing processes exam 2 marks Question- What is investment in investment casting process?
Answer- The investment put in the investment casting process is the investment in investment casting process.

2 marks !!!


55. You've slept through entire Riviera / Gravitas.

56. Riviera time. Enter bandis (from Manipal) . Enter you with james bond music and pressed clothes(okay, pushing it too far). Sexual tension(or so you hope). Hesitation. First Sight?(No love?) Tryst at making conversation. Sweat glands overgrowing. Ignored. Leaves. Sulks. Next day. New pressed clothes .

57. Your idea of going to a treat is taking 3-4 autos to Surabhi International/ River View / Darling Residency, returning after midnight , puking all the way back to hostel and yes clicking thousands of pics of the entire process. And then thinking VIT Life is the best.

58. You think you are smarter than the teachers, even if you have an arrear in that subject.

59. You see all the fountains in working condition, and the college is illuminated to such an extent that it resembles a Roman monument, you know its either Riviera or Admission time.

60. Most of your classmates’ hair is adorned with either 5 tbsp of Coconut Oil or Hair Gel (depending on the coolness of the classmate).


62. The Rain is the cause for mass orgasm.

63. You know that if everything else fails, there is always the TASMAC.

If you feel there is something thats missing in the list , Just write it down on the wall . Good one's will be included asap!!!
Mission To make u roll in laughter and share some fun facts abt our college 2gether..aftr all, v r d youngistan!!
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