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About Poetic Selahance is an events planning company and also a poetic group.We love what we do,we do what we love. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Poetic Selahance
Description Poetic Selahance is a company that is involved in Events planning/organizing Artist and entertainment management. The group and company will be 2 years old in the month of August, 2013 and legally progressing forward, whilst, positive about an optimistic future. Poetic Selahance was founded by Aldon Currie and Jeo’Vannie Baxter in the year 2011 and the organisation/ group offers a variety of entertainment packages as well as genres of elocution. The name Selahance was derived from the french word silence but is spelled differently so as to enable non french speakers to pronounce the name properly. The name was also spelled that way to highlight the Jamaican heritage in the group. Selahance means silence, through silence comes great thoughts and through great thoughts comes the poetry and great works of Selahance.
The group by means is able to provide, poets, singers, musicians, actors, dancers (modern contemporary …etc.) and event planning. The organisation has a great reputation of planning well organised events that possesses the quality of raw professionalism. The feed back from past events have been nothing but positive, with promoters further recommending to others by stressing our competent coordinating ability and innovation. Especially using our annual event ‘‘Culture Fest’’ which was the launching of Poetic Selahance

Our dramatic involvement began from participating in various speech competitions earning medals and achievements in the JCDC speech competition. These theatrical pursuits, in that time period, were done by secondary students who in some peculiar way reinforced a passion for the arts from a life-time in the environment of the rich Jamaican culture. We founders were fortunate to undergo mentor ship and classroom lectures from iconic Jamaican actors, actresses and theatrical pioneers from the likes of Joan Andrea Hutchinson, Avenya Powell, Karen Hariott, Peter Heslop and Carl Davis. Further involvement and artistically oriented grooming was based at the Institute of Jamaica. The Institute was represented patriotically and when on the road our deportment and character was never neglected in respect to professionalism. Through the Institute we were constantly being rewarded with achievements and even scoring the highest gold medal island wide in the JCDC (Jamaica Cultural Development Commission) festival for speech in the year 2010.

However, all these various transactions and interactions with other dramatic individuals could be labelled as the renaissance for utilizing the cluster of talented individuals to which if operating as one unit would generate astonishing entertainment in terms of the manipulation of musical instruments, the visual performances and the vocals.
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