Budhwa Shivji Mandir

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About at: Dumri, Dumraon, Bhojpur, Bihar, India
Description Budhwa Shivji 's abode is situated at village Dumri in Dumraon, District Bhojpur, Bihar. On a call from Budhwa Shivji, his abode has been re-constructed by Shri.Manoj Kumar & his better half Shrimati Shweta Bharti and dedicated to their ancestors and the village.

Dumri has been showered by the blessings of Budhwa Shivji for centuries in testing times. The entire village and region are devout followers of Budhwa Shivji. The temple is also maintained by the same family round the year and in the month of Sawan is very special for the daily Rudra-Abhishek of Budhwa Shivji. The re-construacted abode of Budhwa Shivji was recently inaugurated by His Excellency Shri.Nikhil Kumar, Hon'ble Governor of Nagaland and formerly Commissioner of Police - Delhi.

The nearest railway station is 6 km away at Dumraon, Bhojpur, Bihar. Dumraon is connected with major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, varanasi and Patna with direct trains. The nearest airports are at Varanasi & Patna, both about 2.5- 3 hours away.

The region of Dumri & Dumraon was home to Late. Ustad Bismillah Khan, the shehnai maestro from India who was born on 21 March 1916 at Bhirung Raut Ki Gali here. Dumraon is also one of the oldest princely states of India. It is famous for its mats and 'Dari'. Bihariji Ka Mandir, Dumrejani mai ka Mandir & Kaliji Ka Mandir are some very beautiful tourist and religious destinations. Koran Sarai, Mathila, Bagen, Barrahpur Shivji, Lakhandihra, bhojpur are some othe villages of interest in the region. The town was founder by Horil shah and so it was earlier known as Horilnagar. His later decendant was "Raja Bhoj Of Dhar" and came from Ujjain. The place and language bhojpuri comes from this region where Bhojpur is situated.

The Maharaja of Dumraon Shri.Kamal Singh ji, Veer Kunwar Singh and the family of Shri.Manoj Kumar from Dumri are Ujjain Rajputs and share the same ancestral lineage.
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