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About Aesthetician Skin, Pro Hair & Airbrush Makeup Expert, Nail Technician, Eyelash Extension Expert
Description Aesthetician Skin, Hair and Makeup Expert
I have always loved and been intrigued with make-up, fashion, art.
Having done an advanced course in professional air-brush Make-up from Singapore, my passion to create has no limits.
It motivates me to learn, grow, expand, to improve myself and develop my talents.
As an artist, I value the importance of family, tradition and positive relationships. My approach to life is optimistic and realistic with simplicity.
I crave wisdom, intelligence, inner strenght, exellence and spirituality. True confidence comes not from materialism or attributes, it is from within, essential to remain genuine, distinctive and truly beautiful, this is why I despise arrogance for it is vanity.
Words are too shallow to describe the soul and my face is merely an illusion, therefore I would rather be understated. Less is more, no hype, no chasing fairytales, just being real...Stay Gorgeous!!
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