Fr. John Berchmans Puthupparampil

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About Fr. John Berchmans Puthupparampil was the first Capuchin Provincial of India who contributed significantly for the growth of Capuchin Congregation in India
Description "The First Indian Capuchin Provincial"

He was born on 1st January 1916 in Chirakkadavu, Kanjirappally and was christened Michael. His parents Varghese Puthupparampil and Accamma Karipaparambil had an ancestral lineage of illustrious people. His priestly ordination was on 30th March 1946 at Amalashram, Trichy, Tamil Nadu. He became the first Indian Capuchin Provincial when a Capuchin Province was formed in India on 13th April 1963. He was a great teacher and his endeavour as the Provincial contributed a lot for the growth of Indian Capuchins. He slept in the Lord on 16th March 1987 and his body was laid to rest in the Assisi Ashram Bharananganam.


After 8 years of his funeral his coffin and body were found intact.

Many say to have received blessings from Lord Almighty with the intercession of Fr. Berchmans.

Let his saintly life be a pathway for our life in God....
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