San Fernando, Cebu

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Town Fiesta : May 14 - 15
Patron Saint : St. Isidore Labrador
Places of Interest : beach and mountain resorts, Pitalo chapel, St. Isidore Labrador Parish Church

*** ~ Facts and Figures ~ ***

Location : 23.3 km
Coordinates: 10°11'33"N 123°40'20"E
Population: 54,932 (as of Aug 1, 2007)
Registered Voters: 32,577 (2009)
Income Classification: 2nd Class
Urban/Rural: Partially Urban
Region: VII (Central Visayas)
Province: Cebu
District: 1st

*** ~ Municipal Officials ~ ***

May 2010 - May 2013

Mayor: CANOY, Antonio L.
Vice-Mayor: CANOY, Miguel Antonio N.
Municipal Councilors:
- TATOY, Emmanuel M.
- TAPING, Gerundio P.
- MANLOSA, Santiago Charito B.
- PANUNCIAL, Benedicto D.
- SASUMAN, Ramulfo S.
- LOGUIBER, Vidala A.

May 2007 - May 2010

Mayor: Lakambini "Neneth" Reluya, MGM
Vice Mayor: Antonio "Abe" Canoy
- Alexander Alicaway
- Eutiquio Baricuatro
- Miguel Antonio "Mikko" Canoy
- Samuel Enad, Jr.
- Niel Enriquez
- Vidala Loguiber
- Felipe Pariño
- Juvy Procianos

ABC President: Remigio Alicaway
SK President: Ricci Regen Reluya
SB Secretary: Teodisa Quirante

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