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Description Dr Brassy's Steampunk Jewelry Making Supply Store where all things steampunk abound.
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Jewelry making supplies to delight. Hard to find materials to make your most brazen modification dream come true. We have everything from art deco to art nouveau to Victorian inspired old world charm. We specialize in Made in the USA Brass and Sterling plated brass, gears and watch guts, portholes, hand colorized brass and lockets.
Mission I pledge to bring you the highest quality jewelry making components that I myself, use in my designs. If I would not use it, I won't sell it.

You can expect attention to detail, quality customer service and a pledge that everything comes from a smoker free environs.

Your items will be carefully packaged and shipped out quickly, by me, Dr Brassy.

I will share ideas, instructions and directions while showing passion and respect for all that you do.

We covet and celebrate the Made in the USA credo. Always have. Always will.

~~Dr Brassy and Aether Pendragna
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