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About "Magic Smile" is NYC based teeth whitening company. We offer wide range of teeth whitening home products and in-office tooth whitening treatments.
Description Magic Smile’s core offerings in whitening services is the Multi-Strength Whitening System™ which is an advanced, painless and effective teeth whitening procedure administered at the NYC offices. It’s one of the best high-quality teeth whitening options compared to competing tooth bleaching products in NYC such as Zoom or Brite Smile. With eight different strengths of teeth whitening agents, the system can be used by people with different levels of sensitivity in their teeth. Other teeth bleaching systems in NYC do not offer this wide range in strengths, thus causing damage and pain to the user. Users with severely stained teeth and low sensitivity will find the teeth bleaching system at Magic Smile NYC the most useful since they can use the highest strength product with no discomfort. Magic Smile’s patented Mouth Opener is designed to increase the user’s comfort during the tooth bleaching process and is far superior to the traditional silicone mouth trays used by competing services.

The Multi Strength Whitening Systems™
Is painless, non-invasive and does not significantly increase sensitivity.
Leaves your teeth 3–8 shades lighter, guaranteed.
Is effective for up to two years.
Uses a patented LED light and an innovative new Mouth Opener.
Is self administered, supervised only by specially certified, trained technicians.
Phone +1(646) 490-4323, +1(646) 360-3450
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