Whispers of the Ancestors

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About A group dedicated to the global revival of ancient tribal tattoo culture.
Description Will we accomplish our objectives through:

Language – Before written language, the history of a culture was carried through storytelling. This is true for all cultures. It is critically important for a culture to tell its story in its own tongue.

Research – We will encourage each other and our children to Learn as much as possible about our languages and cultural tattoos.

Education – We will spread Knowledge to our peers/children and other like‐minded curators of this art form.

Sharing - We will Share our language and tattoo traditions with our peers, our children and people of other cultures.
Mission Whispers of the Ancestors was established to promote the revival of ancient tattoo traditions and to keep alive an art form our ancestors created and which helped to define our culture before the introduction of organized religion.

It is also our objective to adapt these ancient tattoo traditions for life in the modern world to bring about balance in our lives and within our respective cultures.
Overview Who We Are:

Tihoti Matauteute Barff Faara -Tihoti is one of the pillars of revival tattoo, initiated in the early 1980’s, of the Tahitian and Marqesan tatau styles.  

Sanya Youalli -A tattoo artist from Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico. Sanya is an innovator of indigenous tattoo techniques of Central America.  

Elle Festin -Elle has been studying indigenous Filipino tattoos and textiles for nearly 20 years. Elle is a Datu of Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon/Mark of the Four Waves Tribe, a group established in the mid-1990’s with a goal of reviving the indigenous tattoos of the Philippines.

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