Pappaw's Hunny Farm (Gary & Paula Keesling)

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About We are a small farm located just a couple miles north of Hagerstown, IN created to provide local honey and honey bee education.
Description Just a small, but growing, honey farm. We are open when ever we are home. If you come, and we aren't home, there is a white box on the Hunny Hut porch with Honey in it. The prices are on the inside door of the box. Just take what you want and put your money in the jar. We also have brown eggs from our chickens in a little black fridge on the porch of the Hunny Hut. Take what you want and put your money in the container in the fridge. You can go around the house and look at the chickens and rabbits too if you want. Sometimes the miniature donkeys will come up to the fence to see if you have treats for them. Grammy (Paula) sells home made noodles made with our own eggs in Grammy's kitchen. She also takes orders for her home made pies which are made in Grammy's kitchen. She sweetens with Honey rather than sugar when ever the recipe allows her to do that. If you want a tour of our honey operation and the farm just give us a call. It's a small place, not a lot to see, but folks seem to enjoy it.
Phone (765) 993-7339
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