European Federation of Geologists

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About The EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF GEOLOGISTS, EFG, is a non-governmental organization that was established in 1981 and includes today 21 national association members. It is the representative body for the geological profession in Europe.
Mission - To represent the geological profession in Europe

- To safeguard and promote the present and future interests of the geological profession in Europe.

- To promote best practice policies with regard to the responsible use of the Earth's natural resources.

- To establish policies concerning environmental matters such as protection and sustainability.
Overview Activities:

- Promote best practise standards and mobility by the award of the professional title of European Geologist (EurGeol) to geologists who have reached a high level of training and experience.

- Application of a binding Code of Ethics.

- Present dossiers and opinions to the European Commision on relevant geological issues.

- In conjuction with kindred international associations develop, publish and promulgate best practice codes and guidelines.

- The co-organisation of International Conferences on Professional Geology
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