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About Bluerider ART was founded at the end of 2012 as a Western contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan.
Description Bluerider ART以臺灣臺北為基地,坐落大安區的精華地段,以經營歐美當代藝術家為主,呈現具有特色、風格與媒材殊異的優秀當代藝術家。Bluerider ART 創辦人Elsa Wang 表示:「藝廊的理念是源自於俄羅斯藝術家康丁斯基(Wassily Kandinsky)於 1911 年成立的藝術團體──藍騎士(The Blue Rider)的概念,Blue 是心靈,Rider是騎士捍衛的精神,代表了團體中的藝術家在不同的藝術技法與風格間,致力於藝術推廣以及藝術本質的追尋。」

"The Blue Rider" was founded by Wassily Kandinsky with a group of artists in 1911. "... within the group, artistic approaches and aims varied from artist to artist, however, the artists shared a common desire to express spiritual truths through their art..". The group was disrupted by the outbreak of World War I in 1914.

Our name "Bluerider" originated in the memory of this great artist and educator, and will always remind us to follow his path of finding the truth behind the spirit of art.
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