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About We provide quality, one-on-one warm-water workouts for dogs of all ages and health conditions, in need of supervised and guided exercise. This low-impact and relaxing exercise is great for your pup, and even offers a relaxing break in the day for you!
Description At SandDancer Canine Swim Fitness, our goal is to serve dog owners or “canine parents” seeking to enhance their pets’ fitness and overall well-being. Owner Mary Beth Glatz, is multi-certified in Canine Water Therapy from The Association of Water Canine Therapy (ACWT). At SandDancer Canine Swim Fitness we provide quality exercise and warm-water workouts for dogs of all ages and health conditions, from young pups to adult dogs to geriatric dogs in need of supervised and guided exercise.

At SandDancer Canine Swim Fitness our primary service is an individualized canine warm-water workout based on the dog’s needs, physical condition, age, and water acclimatization and involves a half-hour controlled swim along with massage and movement exercises in the warm supporting waters.

Our heated pool was designed and built specifically for this purpose is 4 ft. deep, with water temperature maintained between 90º and 92º F. Warm-water therapy is safe for all dogs, helping to ease muscular tension, increase circulation, and reduce physical and emotional stress in canines as reported by the ACWT. Paddling in a safe, supervised environment, aquatic canine aerobic exercise helps tone muscles with the minimal amount of impact stress in addition to benefiting the dog’s heart and lungs. In fact, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, a 5-minute swim is equivalent to walking five miles.

Warm-water exercise is particularly beneficial for elderly and/or arthritic dogs for the same reason it is beneficial for humans: that is, as an ideal environment for low-impact exercise.

From a more practical standpoint, the reduced-gravity environment that water provides enables the fitness trainer to easily lift and guide the dog through all phases of the workout.

Our facility is by appointment only. Call today to set up an informational visit and tour!
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