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About When Cooking is made with Love... Blogspot: // Twitter:TheMakfly
Description The word MAK has gave Nura Mohd Noor a great deal in life. She has learnt a lot during these past years with numerous of Great Moms out there that willing to share their experience and knowledge.

Her Mom & Her Paternal Grand-Mom was her first master chef in the culinary world. Without their guidance and hardship in training her to become a good cook at a very young age, she won’t be what she is now.

Her strong passion in culinary has made her to dream even far, to be a successful Food Educator and to write ranges of her own cookbook in the future times.
Mission To be a successful Food Educator and publishing her range of cookbooks & cooking show!
Overview The Mak-Fly

Derives from a Malay & English words. A combination that makes a perfect sense!

MAK: A short noun from a Malay Word called EMAK, which means MOTHER.
FLY: A short jargons from the word FamiLY, which leads to FLY.
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