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About Pets / Cats - Bengal cats and bengal kittens. Bengal Cat breeder in Sacramento California.
Description Fan page for Pocket Leopards Bengals Cattery.All cat and kitten lovers welcome. We have brown spotted and rosetted bengal kittens, as well as charcoal spotted rosetted and marble bengal kittens. We also breed the snow series of bengal kittens (seal mink, seal sepia, and seal lynx point).
Leader in charcoal bengal research for nearly 10 years. My research made possible the creation of a DNA test for charcoal bengal cats. The following is posted on the UC Davis website:

Charcoal Pattern - Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat breed consists of hybrid animals originally developed from crosses between the domestic cat (Felis sylvestris catus) and the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) (Prionailurus bengalensis). Although the original intention was to replicate the exotic spotted ALC coat in domestic cats, some hybrids sport an unusual coat marking of a darker face mask and dark thick dorsal stripe (cape). This pattern has generated great interest among Bengal enthusiasts. Terra Sinclair, a Bengal Cat breeder, postulated from breeding outcomes that the “charcoal” pattern was produced by the combination of a domestic cat non-agouti allele (a) and an ALC agouti allele (APb), thus conferring the darker markings on their coat pattern. Research by Drs. Liza Gershony and Leslie Lyons has confirmed this mode of inheritance of the pattern. The VGL offers a test that helps breeders/owners determine the Charcoal status and breeding potential of their cats.
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