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About Supplement Vault is a wholesale retailer that provides the highest quality supplements. Like saving money?? Check us out!!
Description Supplement Vault was started because I have a passion for working out, living a healthy lifestyle and helping others achieve their goals. I am also tired of seeing my friends and family pay outrageous prices for supplements from national chains that just want a quick buck, rather than get you what you really came in for.

Your probably wondering what we can do for you or how we can help you reach your goals, right? (1) We WILL save you money (2) we provide you a NASM CERTIFIED staff that will not only get you the supplements you need to help you reach your goals,but we will also build an everlasting relationship with you (3) once you buy from Supplement Vault, YOU ARE FAMILY.

Supplement Vault provides you with low prices and an experienced and certified staff. We want you to know what you are putting in your body and how it can be beneficial in reaching your goals.

Supplement Vault is starting a movement. Be apart of our journey, as we become the biggest supplement provider on the East Coast.

Have a question about supplements, diet, training, or sports performance?

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Mission Our mission is to save you money, plain and simple. I have been overpaying for supplements my entire life and it is time to put an end to overpaying for supplements. I pass the savings on to you!

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