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About BRIC MENA is established and based in Dubai, UAE and specialized in property investments with a global perspective.
Description Our sole purpose is to provide our clients with fool-proof investment choices in the most fast progressing investment hotspots around the globe. We specialize in various aspects of real estate including acquisitions, refurbishments, buy to let and the like. Based in the UAE, BRIC MENA is established purely to cater to the Middle East and North African regions.

BRIC MENA is centered on the idea of generating profits for our clients from identified opportunities in emerging as well as established markets. With extensive support of proven affiliated networks of local professionals in most markets, BRIC MENA is fully-equipped with necessary expertise to provide well-informed recommendations on various investment locations.

When BRIC MENA enters a real estate market they ally themselves with award winning architects, lawyers, chartered surveyors and local associations, who intimately understand market conditions, local traditions and customs. By doing so, we rapidly acquire an in-depth knowledge of current conditions, pricing, employment, supply and demand and above all, expectations.

BRIC MENA associates themselves only with established companies that have excellent reputations in their specific fields of expertise. Local architects, developers, real estate agents and professional bodies are contacted and interviewed. Those that meet BRIC MENA’s stringent criteria, join them in creating a feasibility study that is specific to the local vicinity.
Mission Our aim at BRIC MENA is to maximize the upside of every opportunity, by taking advantage of current local and international markets, whilst balancing the downside in a structured manner. We are committed to identifying key strategies that will maximize growth and profit.

As we invest with our own money, the risk reward scenarios are critical.

Overview Since its inception in July 2011, BRIC MENA has been the exclusive business development arm in the MENA region for several award winning developments in vibrant Brazil and various residential properties and resorts in USA. Today, BRIC MENA has evolved to be one of the few organizations, if not the only in the region to offer a variety of international property investment opportunities to local investors in the region. Our new developments are some of the best in the world which include a collection of hand-picked property deals varying from exclusive land in Brazil to mansions in Florida, USA. Huge amount of due diligence is been conducted and most of our properties are offered with excellent payment plans to support investors to gain fabulous yields and capital gains.
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