Kardous Skopelos Villas

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Description Kardous Aelia, Kardous Luxury Holidays and Kardous Pine Trees , all with private pool , are 3 totally private buildings . Neighboring in their construction, nevertheless, each one of the 3 villas is completely independent and fully private from its other property. They are built in accordance with the traditional architecture of the Sporades Islands, combined with modern touches here and there. The KARDOUS Skopelos Villas are set on a hill, just near to Panormos and 8 Km from the Skopelos town.
Δυο σπίτια κοντά στη θάλασσα, μέσα στα πεύκα, γίνονται στόχος και σκοπός, φυγή και προορισμός μαζί, κρατώντας μόνιμα τη πόρτα ανοιχτή στην απόδραση.
Στιγμές ευδαιμονίας, χαλάρωσης, γεμάτες από τα αρώματα της φύσης, μακριά από αδιάκριτα βλέμματα, σε ιδιόκτητη έκταση 40 στρεμμάτων με ελιές και πολλών άλλων στρεμμάτων πευκοδάσους.
Καταπληκτική ποιότητα κατασκευής, με οικολογικά υλικά Kourasanit, εσωτερικής διακόσμησης και λειτουργικότητας.
Two houses near the sea, surrounded by pines, are objective and purpose, destination and flight together, keeping the door permanently open to escape.
Moments of happiness, relaxation, full of the scents of nature, away from prying eyes, in own area of 40.000 m2 with olive trees and many other acres of pine forest.
Great build quality, with ecological materials Kourasanit, interior decoration and functionality.
Phone (0030) 6949 142629 & (0030) 6944884592, ( 0030) 24210 24367, (0030) 24240 23972
Web site http://www.kardousluxury.com

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