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About Evidence based female and male Fertility by Efstathios Theodorou
Description This is a page that will provide ONLY evidence based information regarding preserving and promoting women's fertility. There will also be information tips and myth-busting for male fertility.

Questions regarding fertility issues are welcome and will be answered privately and with a priority.
Questions can be posted on the page's wall or to our experts.

We reserve the right to delete posts which contain any of the following elements:
- profanity
- personal attacks or defamatory posts
- willful misinformation or falsified material
- spam, off-topic/irrelevant posts
- promoting violence, illegal/questionable activities
- anything that infringes on copyrights/trademarks, intellectual rights
We ask that you do not advertise anything that would require a purchase and/or entry from our members.
We also reserve the right to permanently remove from our page any person/organization who repeatedly violates this policy.

This page is administered and managed by
Mr Efstathios Theodorou MRCOG
Consultant Gynaecologist / Fertility Specialist

Phone +44 (0)207 616 6767
Web site http://www.carefertility.com/London

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