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About Thattayil is a village in Pathanamthitta District, Kerala in India. The Panchayath for this village is called as 'Pandalam Thekkekara' and the Gram Panchayath office is located at Parappetty. Thattayil is centrally located from Adoor, Pandalam and Pathana
Description Origin of Name Thattayil - A guess

Per elders in this village, the only time this village was affected by Flood was in Malayalam Year 1099 (Flood in 99). Otherwise, this village has never been affected by flood even though all its borders are affected by monsoon flooding. So this area may be an uphill and its borders are the low laying areas. Thus this place remain as a 'Thattu' or an upper portion (uphill) than the surrounding areas. Probably, the name 'In Thattu' became 'Thattayil'. This is purely a guess from this author and there are no evidence to prove this theory. Only fact is the flooding of 1099.

The main religious communities are Hindus and Christians.
Thattayil Orippurathu Bhagavathy Kshetram plays a key role in unifying the people of Thattayil irrespective of Religion, Caste and Creed. Other places of worship are 'Thirumangalathu Mahadeva Temple' near Tholuzham, Sreekrishna Swami Temple at Parappetty, Guranathan Kavu Temple at Keerukuzhi, Durga Temple at Vallonnil Junction near Nariyapuram, Cheriyilethu Temple in Pongaladi.

St.Mary's Orthodox Syrian Cathedral, commonly known as "Thumpamon Valiyapally" is an ancient church located in Thumpamon near Thattayil. It is the headquarters of the Thumpamon Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The church first was built in AD 717 and it is among the one of oldest churches in Kerala. Other churches are in Keerukuzhi and in Mankuzhi.

Bharatha Kesari Mannathu Padmanabhan started the Nair Service Society (NSS) Karayogam movements in this village. Thus Thattayil has NSS Karayogam Numbers 1 and 2. NSS Karayogam number 1 is in Edamaly/Mallika and NSS Karayogam number 2 is in Bhagavathickum Padinjare. Each Ward has NSS Karayogams in Thattayil.
Ezhava Community has SNDP Sakhas and Ezhava community also worships in 'Sri Narayana Guru Mandirams'.

Community Services

1. Library at Parappetty
2. Desiya Vayanasala in Keerukuzhi
3. Panchayath Office in Parappetty
4. Post Offices at various locations
5. Banks and Cooperative Societies at various locations
6. Arts and Sports clubs at various locations 7. Milma Dairy
VISWABHARATHI SAMSKARIKA VEDI & YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTRE- the best youth club award winner (from Nehru Yuva Kendra GOVT. OF INDIA;
Kerala State Y W Board and YOUTH CLUB ASSOCIATION ) is located in Edamali.
7. Village Office in Keerukuzhi
8. Agricultural and Farm Development Office in Parappetty
9. Educational Institutions in Thattayil N.S.S. Polytechnic - Perumpulickal, N.S.S. High School - Perumpulickal S.V.L.P.S - Perumpulickal' S.R.V.U.P school- perumpulickal, GOVT L.P. School - Cherilayam, GOVT L.P. School - Keerukuzhi, GOVT L.P. School - Orippuram, N.S.S. Higher Secondary School - Mankuzhi, S.V. High School - Pongaladi, S.K.V.U.P. School - Parappetty, St:Paul's HSS-Nariyapuram.

People of Thattayil

Most of the people are mainly middle class farmers. Main agricultural products in the village are Rubber, Paddy, Plantain, Cocunut, Cashew, Black pepper, and Ginger. There are a lot of youngsters from Thattayil working at foreign countries (NRI's) mainly in Middle East. Thattayil has other professionals like Teachers, Bank Employees, Military Personnels, Medical Professionals,Engineers,IT professionals and State Government Employees.

People of Thattayil are peace loving and related to each other. All communities Hindus, Christians, Nairs, Ezhavas and other backward class communities live in full harmony with each other. People from other parts of India migrated to this Village will never leave this community as people of Thattayil adopt them with open arms.
Most of the citizens of this Village are affiliated to National Political parties like Indian National Congress(INC),Communist Part of India (Marxist) - CPI(M), and Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP). Prominent personalities like Communist party leader and M.L.A Pandalam P.R Madhavan Pillai, Former R.S.S Sanghachalak Prof:Govindaji, World's Fastest Performing Cartoonist S. Jithesh belong to this place.

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