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About We could achieve, but achievement is not enough.
We could express, but exposure is not enough.
And, if we could do it all, ENOUGH WOULD NOT BE ENOUGH.
Description Youthania website or as we call a ‘Youth site’, is completely a new idea with an intention of getting different mentalities together and exhibit their ideas.

Now, you might be wondering from where exactly did the term Youthania come from. Let’s keep it simple. ‘Youthania’ is a term derived from two words, ‘youth’ and ‘mania’.
Youth is the time of life when one is young. It is best understood as a period of transition from young to elderly.
Mania refers to an extreme enthusiasm for something that is shared by a large group, which is passionate towards it.
Youthania is a platform for the youth to showcase their extreme passion and enthusiasm. It is a combined medium of Interaction, Information and Entertainment.
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