Mini Me Caricature Dolls

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About An Amazing Likeness. An Unforgettable gift.
Incredible Caricature Statues!
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Description Requirements: 1 clear front view picture, at least 2x2 in size, straight shot without angle
Mission To create unique, personalized keepsakes that reflect the diverse individuality of Filipinos and their loved ones from all walks of life, giving value for money and endless delight to both the giver and recipient.

To produce meaningful and lasting souvenir sculptural dolls that are competitive to the global market in terms of quality, craftsmanship and durability.

To showcase the immense talent of local artists in creating humorous likenesses, and continue training a dynamic creative pool through research and development.

Mini Me Caricature Dolls Inc. aims to be the leading caricature doll maker in the Philippines with globally competitive products that are affordable works of art, growing the business with a wider awareness from the local markets and expanding profitability for optimized business operations.
Overview Mini Me Caricature Dolls Inc. started as a leap of faith and a fervent dream to produce novelty gifts that are humorous, meaningful, lasting and unique. With intensive research and development work, its founders delved into contemporary doll making, even buying manufacturing equipment and rendering software for their high grade polymer clay and resin products. However, after observing local sculptors from famed Pampanga and Laguna, the owners of Mini Me Caricature Dolls realized that they were pursuing something that was more special than a mass-produced, manufactured product; it was basically a piece of affordable, personalized work of art.

Mini Me Caricature Dolls were finally launched in 2006 when they found the formula for successes: real craftsmen who were dedicated to pursuing perfection in making tiny likenesses by hand and magnifying the diverse personalities of their customers. Since then, they have grown their creative pool from one to fifteen Manila and Bulacan artists and designers, primarily painters, who were surprisingly good at creating three-dimensional works. After streamlining process and cutting production time, now Mini Me Caricature Dolls is poised to introduce their handy, 6 to 7 inch sculptures to a bigger market. Often featured in TV shows as unique gifts, Mini Me Caricature Dolls are affordable even to the general public, considering that they are hand-crafted and painted one at a time. They are tiny masterpieces, truly the perfect gift for all occasions.
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