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About PhytaOil and PhytaLotion are natural formulations designed to reduce the appearance of scars and stretchmarks and to tone and moisturise photo-aged skin.
Mission These raw materials led to Phytacol, a company born out of a belief that natural ingredients can be effective on their own or in a combination with other actives. We have developed a range of outstanding specific skin care and food supplement products based on our rosehip ingredients.
Overview Phytacol is a young, dynamic company harnessing the power of natural active ingredients in a range of specific skin care and food supplement products.

The Phytacol story began several years ago when we discovered a community trade project in Lesotho in Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world. We found that wild rosehips from Lesotho grow in higher altitude and in a wetter climate than the more common Chilean varieties. They are large, plump and packed with vitamins and nutrients. After several trial extractions of the flesh and seed of the African Rosehips, we dveloped a range of raw materials retaining as much of the goodness as possible.
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