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About This is the Official Fan Page for ESR Specialty Channel! Classic Hits is our Specialty! Listen now:
Description There are many "online radio" outlets out there. Some that just play an iPod playlist and call themselves a radio station. Here's the difference with Eric Scott Radio: we are a full blown live radio station with music and live broadcasts that are delivered to the Internet instead of being sent to an outdated transmitter to only reach a very small Lake Charles audience, instead we concentrate on a worldwide audience and provided news and local info at our website. However, we aren't just Internet radio, we actually take that word as insult. We are radio, in HD Stereo quality and quality researched charted music selections, built in clocks and categories more advanced than many tradition radio stations! Thanks for listening and continue to spread the word! Listen with the TuneIn Radio app or at An ES Radio Media, LLC station.
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