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About "NOUZHEAD" is a movement which deals with hosting of events ,designing and styling of clothing ,photography ,modelling, performing and promotions.
Description "NOUZHEAD" is a movement, its basically about finding raw talent and making something off it. It also happens to be a clothing brand/label specially designed for street fashion, baggy, hip hop, vintage, class, etc. We recently found out that our generation is mostly defined by how they dressed, walk and carry themselfs on stage and or in public. Nouzhead has the prettiest/handsome well trained models who partake in every event we host or being invited to, dressed in and by Nouzhead, performers that make every event worth attending for there is real talent within the show. You may be asking ''what does the community benefit in it ?'' well we make stars from kids in those dark shady corners, let them focus on their talents and not all those illegal tenders and also give back by helping where ever we can, eg. Charity cases or spend a weekend at several orphanage homes. We family and see everyone else as equal to us. We are Nouzhead.
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