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About Our first litter arrived in 1980 and we have now just whelped our 15th litter. We have been breeding Kurdish Salukis since 1988 and are the breeders of multiple AKC Champions as well as successful hunting Salukis in the US, the Middle East and Europe.
Description Getting a Puppy from Melik

The first consideration is an understanding of SPACE.
Salukis require space, the more the better.... space to run, space to dig, space to chase. The Saluki is hardwired to run; his joy as he stretches out is something that should never be denied to him. In his early years, a Saluki will ALWAYS choose the chase over the couch. His space MUST be fenced as he will not heed traffic in his desire to run.

The Salukis is a social hound. While not a demanding breed, although the pressing of the head on your arm while staring at you intently is very demanding, his nature is not to fawn. He will greet you with great enthusiasm or he may turn his back on you in disdain, depending on his mood, but he will seek out your company. The Saluki wants to be with you; either a quiet companion or enthusiastic friend, he thrives as an active member of the family.

The hunting instinct
Our hounds are often not more than three generations from County of Origin, most often we will have Salukis available that are either one or two generations from the desert. This means that temperaments are still those of the hound in the Middle East. He is a creature honed by many millennium of selection to be the perfect hunting companion in these areas. He is highly intelligent, discriminating and independent. Because of his ability to hunt effectively on his own, the Saluki does not need you; he wants to be with you. Failure to understand this key component of the Saluki will result in an unhappy hound and an unhappy person.

A Saluki’s function is to be an effective hunter.
A Saluki is beautiful because of his function.
To deny this truth is to deny the Saluki.

If you have the space, the time, the understanding of who the Saluki is please contact us. We breed every one to two years, occasionally have young adults and always know where the Kurdish litters are.

Our History
My journey with Salukis started when I was 11 and saw the Guinness Book of World Records. At that time the Saluki was pictured as the world's fastest dog. I was fascinated and started to find all I could on this intriguing breed. In 1974 I obtained my first Saluki from Karen Usry, about 15 miles from where I live now. I have not been without a Saluki since. I have bred 14 AKC Champions based on my crossing of Melik's Dancing Alika F.Ch. to Sedeki Mazuri Vaz.
The SCOA National Specialty in 1984 proved to be the turning point in the Melik Kennels breeding program. This was the first time the fancy saw Tek Kulak Tazi Var trailing along behind Janet Jones, I was captivated and my life changed. Janet returned to Turkey the following year and returned with the character Tek Kulak Acik Gos. In 1988 they produced Var's only litter of eleven pups.
In 1988 my first COO Saluki entered my life as a result of that breeding and the following year I married George Rogers. One of those girls was Tek Kulak's Pafta of Melik who is the foundation for Melik Kennel's COO breeding program.

In 2003 George and I added the first of our Kurdish Salukis from the eastern side of the Zagros with the acquisition of Sarban from Sanandaj Iran, a large, rangy, crop- earred male, Sarban changed everything again. Sarban was smart, smart like we had never experienced and powerful with a stride length that was impressive. That fall we had the chance to acquire Sheyda of Iran with the help of Susan Schroeder, Monica Stoner and Geraldine Clarke. A beautiful gentle lady, Sheyda quickly owned my heart. Next came the pocket rocket, two time Pyramid Cup winner, Nazee from Bokan, Iran shared with Susan Schroeder and Lorraine Trenhom and now running Susan’s home. She was followed by Ghobad a young male also from Bokan Iran. Through the magic of Facebook and my deep friendship with Arman Torkzaban; Melik and Boorchin partnered with Aqush de Diba of Boorchin and Qushabee of Boorchin coming here and providing us a strong and healthy base with which to continue forward.

With the support of those who have believed in the Salukis we have bred, Melik Salukis have been proven to be very successful in both lure coursing and Open field coursing as well as racing.
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