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About For the time being, Inaridou is breeding soft puppies, in the future hopefully also "real" shibas
Description Now it´s possible to get a Shiba puppy that doesn´t grow older...It´s a very nice companion for children, adults or your own Shiba.

This puppy is designed by Marjo and individually made by hand; each puppy has it´s own character.

As if getting a "real" Shiba, you have to be patient. I try to breed as good puppies as possible and sometimes it takes time before the little ones are born.

If you wish to have one from this or a upcoming litter you may make your reservation by sending me a message via FB or E-mail me inaridou (at)

The price of one red or creme (coming up!) puppy is 35 $ / 35 € (incl VAT) + postage

A b / t puppy costs 50 $ / 50 € incl VAT) + postage

I export puppies all over the world, so if you need detailed information about the price in your currency and postage, do not hesitate to ask!

Happy Rabbit´s - Helsinki, Finland
Founded 1994
VAT registration number FI1001672-7

secondary company name PUReART since 2008 - Photography




稲荷道(Inaridou)柴犬(子犬) たて28cm よこ19cm 重さ0.1kg

もしもうすぐ産まれる子犬をお望みでしたら、 までメールにてご予約をお願い致します。その際、毛色(赤・クリーム・黒)をご指定下さい。
現在はFacebook内、Inaridou (soft) Shiba Kennelを通じてお知り合いの方々よりこの情報を得ていると思います。ホームページ立ち上げまで、このInaridou (soft) Shiba Kennel -Photos- 内、”All different “lines” from the (soft) kennel Inaridou”よりお好きな子犬をお選び頂けます。

価格 赤・クリーム 各3960円 + 送料1130円
   黒      各5660円 + 送料1130円

私は出来るかぎり良い子犬に育つよう努力致しますが、 子犬が産まれるまでに多少時間が掛かる場合があります。

稲荷道 (Inaridou), Marjo
Mission Create smiles and happines
Overview My company´s official name (since 1994) is Happy Rabbit´s and its VAT nr is 1001672-7
Web site "Inaridou - made with love" online shop Blog:

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