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About The Sacred Path of Love is the path towards understanding our purpose in life. Join us for a daily dose of inspirational spiritual quotes and updates on our events & classes, which are open to everyone.
Description The Islamic Conference, The Sacred Path of Love, has by the permission of Allah, Most High, entered its third year. We are pleased to inform you the title and theme of this year conference will be, ‘The Sacred Path of Love: The meaning of Servanthood’.

The meaning of Servanthood was chosen as this year’s theme because we felt it is a necessary follow-up on our two previous theme, ‘Finding God in times of tribulation (2010)’ and ‘The Path of Gratitude (2011)’. The Messengers of Allah (upon them be salutations of peace and blessings) were sent but with the message of Divine Oneness and the means to Allah was but though total submission which leads to finding peace in one’s heart in the care of Allah.

Human beings were created for the Worship of the One God as stated in the Quran: ‘I have only created Jinns and Men that they may serve Me.’ In the famous Tafsir of our Master Ibn Abbas (radi Allahu an), he says the meaning of ‘Serve/Worship Me’ is ‘to know Me’.
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