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About Rape is quite simply a major epidemic. While murder takes a life, rape takes a soul and that is worse. Workshops are emotionally challenging, which is necessary to prepare a woman for real life situations.
Description Every woman should be able to defend herself against such an attack. Our anti-rape workshops aren't based on "poke-the-eyes" type of defenses, as these will never or rarely work in real life.

We aim to empower women not only through the physical skills learnt, but also the emotional coping mechanisms developed through our training.

Anti-rape workshops should be attended in collaboration with your regular training when possible. Remember, you will always be on your feet before you're on the ground where rape occurs; therefore arming you with the necessary skills is not just about what to do once on the floor, but to also teach you what to do to prevent being there in the first place.
If you're not an existing TKM member, an anti-rape workshop is also a great introduction to TKM. You'll learn skills (physical and mental) that you can already use should you ever need them and also test the water for further training

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