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Description Millionaires is an American electropop group consisting of two sisters, Melissa Marie and Allison Maria Green. The group, formed in August 2007, is widely known for mixing heavily explicit lyrics with a heavy electropop backing. Ex member Dani Artaud was in the original line up. Their image and lyrics have generated strong controversy (mainly for using explicit words in nearly all of their songs). The group has released three EPs, a single "Stay the Night" - which managed to chart for a short time in the UK - and their debut album, Tonight, released in March 2013. As of July 2015 the group are searching for a music producer.HistoryBeginnings (2007–2010)Millionaires started in late Summer 2007 "as an accident" when sisters Melissa and Allison Green used GarageBand. The song was titled "I Like Money", and the teens then created a corresponding MySpace profile named Millionaires. The third member, Dani Artaud, joined the group after Melissa Marie asked her to join. Later, they created their second song, called "Hoe Down".At the time of their Myspace debut, they were considering releasing an EP with the title of 'La La Love' or 'Girls with Guns' with their GarageBand songs. This plan failed, they had a new EP plan with the title of 'Shit Bitch' which was later released as Bling Bling Bling! The five songs that made it to the EP were edited by Mark Maxwell. Many of the Myspace songs did not make it on the EP.They began to perform shows locally and traveled only small distances for gigs. They got spots in music festivals such as Rockin' Roots, Bamboozle Left 2008, and Audio Overload 2008. By July 2008, they were ready to start touring and they went out on their first tour co-headlining with Breathe Carolina across California and other Western states. Later in July, they headlined the Get F$cked Up tour. That same month, they performed their Myspace smash "I Move It" on MTV's TRL as part of On the Radar, a segment where popular "hipster" bands perform.
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