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About ASMAH LAILI, compiler and author/producer of the resipi book “ASMAH LAILI – MINTAK AMPUN SEDAPNYA”
Overview ASMAH LAILI, compiler and author/producer of the resipi book “ASMAH LAILI – MINTAK AMPUN SEDAPNYA”, is a well-known Singapore broadcaster. After 40 years in the Broadcasting business, producing a variety of programmes from entertainment to educational, she now spends her retirement years writing recipe books and is actively involved in cooking demos. She is invited regularly (almost every weekend) to demo Asian and Western dishes organized by local, social and commercial organizations. This is due to the success of hosting a 15-minute radio cooking programme on Mediacorp’s WARNA 942 FM station, which she has done for almost 8 long years and after retirement on a part time basis. She hopes to be able to produce a series of recipe books “ASMAH LAILI – MINTAK AMPUN SEDAPNYA,” during her retirement years, featuring Singapore recipes/dishes, created by local Malay/Muslims who are known for their cooking/culinary skills, as well as her own personal and family’s recipes. Her dream became a reality.

Her first recipe book launched in June 2003 was a huge success. This encouraged her to write/compile her second book which was released 4 months later, to coincide with the month of Ramadhan and Hari Raya. Entitled “ASMAH LAILI MINTAK AMPUN SEDAPNYA – FIESTA” the book featured festive recipes, from Ramadhan dishes up to Hari Raya specials, such as cookies, tarts, cakes, Malay traditional sambals, rendangs, lodehs and all types of sumptuous delicious dishes. Her third recipe book, “ASMAH LAILI MINTAK AMPUN SEDAPNYA – Oooo….La La,” was launched on 24th July 2004, and her fourth cook book ASMAH LAILI MINTAK AMPUN SEDAPNYA – “MEMANG SEDAP” was launched on 31st July 2005. Her 5th and first bi-lingual recipe book – “ASMAH LAILI MINTAK AMPUN SEDAPNYA – GOODNESS GRACIOUS, ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS, BON APPETIT” was launched on the 2nd of September 2006. Asmah aspires to compile/write at least one book a year as she visions the founding of talented and gifted Malay/Muslim cooks. Presently, local popular Malay/Muslim cook book writers only feature their own recipes, yet in Singapore there are hundreds of other creative Muslims/Malays who are much more capable.

At the moment Asmah is working on her seventh recipe book, which she hopes to launch in 2011. She launched her 6th Recipe Book and the 2nd bi-lingual book entitled “ASMAH LAILI MINTAK AMPUN SEDAPNYA…SYIOK YUMMY!!” in 2007.

Asmah is also working hand-in-hand with the Health Promotion Board, promoting healthy life-style through healthy cooking to Malay housewives. Most of the cooking demos are conducted at mosques and all recipes featured are created by her, some of which she learned from her late mother, such as noodles, rice, vegetable, chicken, fish and meat dishes. She is also involved in the CITARASA KINI project by People’s Association, as a trainer cum chef, to impart her cooking skills preparing healthy meals for the family at the CCs. This particular project is supported by Health Promotion Board. She is invited, time and again, to do such demos at the Changi Expo as well as at shopping centers and popular shopping malls, such as CK Tang, Causeway Point, Tampines Mall, Jurong Point, Parkway Parade, Tanjong Katong Complex and many others.

In the early 80s, the TV Malay Service, for the first time televised a series of cooking programmes, featuring eastern and western dishes hosted by Asmah Laili. And recently SURIA had a special cooking segment hosted by Asmah in its 2003 WARNA RAMADHAN programme, broadcast daily throughout the month of Ramadhan. At the same time she was also invited to demo her favourite dishes for the weekend segments which went down well with the viewers.

In 2004 Asmah was invited to host a 30-minute 16 episode cooking porgramme on Suria entitled “SEDAP.” She baked, stewed, boiled, steamed, bbqed, cooked and fried her favourite dishes on TV and the viewers just loved her. This is because, her objective was IF I CAN COOK, YOU TOO CAN BE JUST AS GOOD!! Her recipes were tried and tested and met the viewers approval. SEDAP was later telecast over AFC (Asian Food Channel) in 2005.

In 2006, Asmah again appeared on SURIA, this time in DAPUR MAMI (Mummy’s Kitchen). She’s known to her fans as MAMI ASMAH. This time she invites viewers to try her TV recipes prepared especially for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as for special occasions such as – birthday parties, mother’s day, anniversary & engagement parties, small family gatherings, picnics, office functions, entertaining non-Malay guests during Hari Raya and many others. Again you can watch Asmah in action, cooking all your hot favourite dishes, from the simple to the exotic. Sometimes she invites one or two of her “Cooking Kakis,” to cook with her on TV. She also tries to help housewives start small businesses from home by making home made cookies (the cookie-making segments were shown “live” on TV from a-zee) as well as seasonal cakes such as APPLE PIE, CAKE LAPIS and STEAMED FRUIT CAKE.

Then in 2007 Asmah hosted SEDAP 2, from 26 Feb to 29 March 2007 from Mondays to Thursdays, cooking, baking, roasting and steaming kids special dishes, Quick n Easy dishes for housewives who have little time to be in the kitchen, special week-end dishes and international cuisines. The 20 x 30 minute cooking programme was well received by young and old.

This was followed by SEDAP 3, which was telecast wef 11/02/08 up to 13/03/08 from Mondays to Thursdays. This time she shared the kitchen with the CALEBERITY CHEF

At the moment Asmah is recording a four-episode cooking programme promoting frozen meat to her audience, preparing dishes such as Chicken Mayo Sandwich, Roasted Leg of of Lamb, Maharani Chicken, and other delicious dishes

Before her retirement, Asmah assisted RADIO WARNA to compile two recipe books entitled PESTA PERUT – based on the recipes featured in the weekly programmes she hosted/produced. Both books were extremely successful.

Because of her special dedication and tremendous contribution to Broadcasting, she was featured recently in the series WOMEN ICON. She received a special award from SURIA for her TV contribution. Channel News Asia, also featured her in one of their GRANDFATHER AND GRANDMOTHER’S TALES progamme.

Above all, Asmah loves to cook, enjoys sharing her recipes and food with others. She comes from a family who’s known for making the best pineapple tarts, cookies, sugee cakes, beriani dishes, roast chicken and other Asian and western dishes.

Additional info:
Asmah Laili was born on the 24th September 1940. She joined the Malay Service of the Singapore Broadcasting Department on the 2nd of February 1959 as a Broadcasting Assistant Grade 3, and retired in 1997 as a Senior Executive Producer/Presenter. She was one of the few Singapore broadcasters sent to AIBD Kuala Lumpur to attend a Trainer’s Course. On her return, she conducted various types of courses for the Malay broadcasters such as News Reading for Radio and TV, Interviewing Techniques and Presentation. She still conducts newsreading courses for the three local radio stations namely WARNA, RIA and RSI. She was also invited twice to Brunei, to conduct training worshops - Newsreading and Presentation at Radio and TV Brunei.

Asmah was awarded the Singapore Government’s Efficiency Medal during the 1990 National Day Celeberation.

Compiled by Wan Nuraswannah bte Wan Chik – 2007.


April 2008 - Asmah was invited by the Brunei Tourist Promotion Board and the Brunei Airport Restaurant, to conduct a few cooking demos in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival held at the restaurant and officiated by the Singapore Ambassador to Brunei. It was sponsored by The Brunei Chartered Bank. She was later invited to conduct demo at the homes of a couple of VVIPs, attended by the various ministers’ spouses.

Her TV cooking programmes were also aired repeated at the local TV stations as well as AFC.

She has just completed a DVD cooking series produced by a local Production House and will be launched on the 5th July 2009 at the Tepak Sireh at Taman Warisan.

Currently she is assisting LBKM (PMPM Scholarship Fund Board) to produce a Recipe Book featuring recipes by some of the top notch cooks and chefs, from the local organizations, hotels, restaurants, as well as recipes from the various embassies may also be featured. Asmah has been appointed as Consultant to this proposed LBKM vast project.

She also hosts a weekly Cooking Programme on WARNA 94.2 FM, THE Malay National Radio station. This programmes has been running for more than 10 years.


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