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Description At ESTATE TRADERS we don’t leave anything to “hope”. We know that the land we buy meets the Government’s criteria for building. It has been meticulously selected by proven planning experts. It is strategically selected to meet that area’s high housing need and has all the amenities and infrastructure required for a sustainable community. It is selected to meet that area’s current targets and provides our clients with high returns on their investment.

Our company is NOT just buying any piece of land; we conduct an enormous amount of research before acquiring any land and offering it to our clients. Through our extensive network of professional affiliations, technical resources and industry contacts, we stay informed of market trends to ensure, our clients' best interests are served. Moreover, we optimize exposure of our clients' properties by leveraging our technical and human marketing sources.

Our Services

• Buy Direct & Sell Direct
• Market analysis and valuation
• Investment analysis and Market Trends
• Project & Construction Feasibilities
• Real Estate Legislation
• Paperwork with all Government Departments
• Produce Architectural Plans
• Resale and Buy Back Facilities
• Dedicated Client Services Department
Mission At ESTATE TRADERS we strive to deliver the best service to our clients. We believe to stay true to our vision, work hard toward our mission, take our focus seriously, and employ a series of core values.

• Our vision is to be an unquestioned leader in our service niches.
• Our mission is to provide excellence in service.
• Our focus is to carefully select higher integrity, growth-oriented clientele.

We focus on helping our clients achieve an ideal quality of life, while creating and preserving wealth. Our management team is committed to building a one-on-one relationship with our clients, providing the attention, commitment and expertise they deserve. We contact all of our clients on a regular basis to ensure that their expectations are met and exceeded.
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