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About Hayati Essence we retail a wide selection of Perfume Oils , Sunnah Products , Sprays & other products

Description We Offer a Wide Range of Scented oils from Our Perfumery Designer Inspired Scents to our own musk's and Oud

We stock Pure Sidr Honey Yemeni or Spanish
Sunnah Products
Arabic incense Burners
Crystal Gift Bottles

We are of the opinion Perfume Spray is permissible please ask your local person of knowledge .
Mission We want our customers to have an experience, not just a purchase, all our products are aimed at a 'feel good', 'healthy', 'natural', 'beautifull' and most of all 'halal' experience!
Phone 07899-884-989 Haroon Musaifr
Web site http://hayatiessence.com/

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