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Description As their name shows the Singapuras originates from Singapore, this being the regular breed on the streets of the island in South East Asia. This breed was noticed and brought into the United States in the early 1970’s. Today Singapura is a very dear breed due to its appearance and disposition but the number of available specimens is still low.

The Singapura is a smaller than average, one of the smallest breeds of cats. A full grown female usually weighs 2-3 kg while the male weighs 4-5 kg. Despite their delicate look Singapuras are very strong and have a well developed muscular structure. The specific features of the breed are their endearing large almond-shaped eyes, large ears, and the coat - dark brown ticking on a warm old ivory base color.

They are very easy to look after especially due to the fact that there are no specific health problems in the breed. They do not like cold and moisture environment, being appropriate for the indoor living. They have a short coat that requires minimal grooming; stroking with a chamois leather will keep their coat silky and shiny.

The Singapura’s temperament is very affectionate, they love human company and have very sweet dispositions, both with children, other cats and pets. They adore being around people, always involved and always begging for attention. Their favorite place to sit is on your shoulder or on the highest point in the room so they can observe all that is going on below. Though they are extremely playful and curious, they are non-destructive and non-aggressive and make excellent house cats.
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