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Description Simba nursery is an educational kindergarten that founded in 2008. We started with a national section in 2008, and since then Simba gained excellent reputation, service, and educational, combined with activities appreciation from the parents. In 2009, we opened an international preschool section, and the progress never stopped. In 2013 and 2014, we opened another two sections. Now, we have nearly 20 classes, there are around 8 to 10 foreigner teachers. The place is classified into two floors, the first floor is the preschool section, and the nursery section is in the second floor. We are expanding the garden area, and a parking lot is under construction. The Egyptian satellite TV (channel one) frequently shoots at the nursery with our kids and the episodes are broadcasted in Shaawet Shotaar TV program.

• We carefully attend to your child’s intellectual, imaginative, emotional, physical and social need in every aspect of our service.
• We employ positive and thoughtful disciplinary techniques to develop a sense of appreciation, self-control and responsibility in each child towards his/her surrounding social and natural environment. We hire highly-experienced staff who are outstanding, sensitive, caring, well-educated, and most importantly patient with the children.
• The owner is a consultant of pediatrician, and she is permanent in the nursery every day to improve the children’s health and cater for any medical emergencies as they arise.
• There is a clinic in the nursery for a medical supervision where a pediatric doctor checks the children every Sunday.
• For safety, the whole place is monitored with cameras installed in every corner in the nursery.
• “Toy and Joy” is one of our famous sponsors.
• We offer 3 nutritious and well-balanced meals daily including breakfast, lunch and snack.
NOTE: Please don’t bring with your child any sweets, candy, chocolate, potato chips, fizzy drinks etc.
• For proper sanitation :
1) We employ separate staff to handle the cooking and offering of daily meals.
2) The children are to perform regular wash up before and after each meal.
• We have daily and weekly reports.
• We open summer camp from the beginning of June till the end of August of each year. It’s open for children aged 4.5 – 12 years old.
• Our working hours are from 7:00 to 4:00 with afternoon care (waiting with extra fees) till 7:00 pm.
• In Ramadan, our working hours are: from 7:30 to 3:00 with afternoon care (waiting with extra fees) till 4:00 pm.
• We accept children on full-time and part-time monthly basis as well as possibility of daily care. Fees can be paid on cash or credit (by visa).
• For quality service, we accept an average of no more than 10 children in one class, if there are more than 10 children then we hire two assistants and a nanny to take good care of the children.
Our Activities:
• Aerobics
• Arts & crafts including cutting, play dough and coloring
• Music, singing, rhymes and puppet show
• Puzzles and blocks
• Cooking and Planting
• Outdoor play with a wide variety of creative & adventurous activities
Our Academic program:
• We provide a flexible, individualized, balanced and stimulating American preschool curriculum. We teach the children and enhance their imaginative skills through a set of “I can” books from Edu Fun.
• We implement our academic program through a structured daily schedule of activities that we apply to our children according to their age and cognitive abilities.
Mission We believe that children learn best through play and hence aim to provide them with a secure, enjoyable and affectionate upbringing where they are nurtured by our well-qualified staff, to bring out their unique identities and personalities.
Phone 01227443959, 0227543007, 0225171320, 0225196554
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