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About A Heaven Like Village
Description Nurani is a renowned village in Palakkad district of Kerala State (the then Malabar dist. of Madras state) and is famous for its culture and religious fervour. Since age old days it is the seat of Brahmins. According to legend, this area was belonged to Kurur Mana and one Neelakanta Nambooridipad was the head of that Mana. He as a harden Bhakatha of Lord Dharma sastha and was a regular visitor of Arynankavu for Dharsana of Lord. Due to old age, he could not visit Aryankavu and was lamenting. As per the advice of Ayyappa (who came in his dream), he built a temple in his courtyard, installed the above idols seated on the elephant, worshiped them and got solace. After the death of this Namboodhiripad, when war broke out, his family abandoned their residence and fled the place for fear of an attack. In course of time the place was covered by hillock and bamboo bushes and the temple got buried under it. There is also a saying that Noorunnies (hundreds of Namboodhiri boys) were brought up in the mana (house of a Namboodhiri) nearby and the name Nurani is derived from Noorunni.

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