The Forgiving Body

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About Repair, Restore, Rejuvenate
Description An online health magazine supplemented with peer reviewed scientific based articles. The foundation of the magazine is centralised around the pharmaceutical properties of foods and their medicinal values.

The Pharmacy Corner - deals with plant based foods. Highlighting the mode of action in the body that food has in contributing to healing. We discuss the biologically active chemical compounds in each specific food group and how these nutraceutical compounds help bring about certain chemical reactions in to the body.

This is all done in an easy to read, interactive format, so that the audience benefits the most out of the information.

Specific features in the magazine include:
1.The Pharmacy: Science based feature articles on special foods/herbs/plants
2 The Diary: Healing Chronic disease naturally
3.The pantry: recipes
4. Country life file: growing your own food
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